Obligation of Khumus

'And know that out of all the booty'

'Booty has been made legal for the Muslims'

'I am the Apostle of Allah'

A Dhimmi practicing magic

Al-Jizya tax on non-Muslims in Muslim country

Asylum and protection granted by Muslims

Blessed is the wealth of living or dead warriors

Caution against treachery

Concluding a peace treaty for a fixed period

Concluding a truce with the king of a country

Expulsion of the Jews from the Arabian Peninsula

Fighting for the sake of booty

Food gained as war booty in the battle field

Free emancipation of the captives by the Prophet

Fulfilling one's covenant

Invocations against those who break their convention

Khumus from the spoils of a killed infidel

Khumus is for the Imam

Khumus is to be used for the needs of the Muslims

Khumus meant for the need of Allah's Apostle

Killing a person having a treaty with the Muslims

Making a covenant and proving treacherous

Making peace with pagans

Pagans betraying the Muslims

Payment of Khumus is a part of religion

Revoking covenants

Share of Muslims whose faith was not firm

Taking care of non-Muslims who have a covenant

The armor of the Prophet

The expenditure of the wives of the Prophet

The houses of the wives of the Prophet

The Imam distributes the war booty

The land of Bahrain distributed by the Prophet

The messenger's share of the war booty

The obligation

The Prophet distributing properties

The sin of a betrayer

The war booty is for those who witness battles

Throwing dead bodies of pagans in a well

Women offering peace and shelter to someone