'After taking your meal, disperse'

'Eat of the good things We have provided for you'

'It is no fault in the blind'

'May this person come with me too?'


A believer eats in one intestine

A believer is satisfied with a little food

A man preparing a meal for his Muslim brethren

A roasted sheep

Ad-Duba gourd

Admitting guests in batches




Beet and barley

Blowing barley to remove the husk

Cured meat

Cutting meat with a knife


Dried yogurt

Eating a foreleg

Eating at an eating table

Eating from a dish decorated with silver

Eating from around the dish

Eating two dates at a time

Eating what is nearer to you

Eating with one's servant

Eating with the right hand

Fresh dates and dry dates

Garlic and other bad smelling vegetables

Handing something across the dining table

Inviting a man to a meal and carrying on with work

Mentioning Allah's Name on starting to eat

Not to hurry to finish one's dinner

Rinsing the mouth after taking meals

Roasted meat

Snake cucumber and fresh dates

Sweet edible things and honey

Taking two kinds of foods at a time

The additional food taken with bread

The food of one person is sufficient for two

The goodness of the date palm tree

The Hais

The handkerchief

The leaves of Al-Arak

The mentioning of food

The Prophet never criticized any food

The snake cucumber

The spadix of the palm tree

The Talbina

The Tharid

To eat while leaning against something

To lick and suck the fingers before washing

To take and bite meat with the teeth

Wanting to know what kind of food

What our predecessors used to store of food

What the Prophet and Companions used to eat

What to say after finishing one's meal

Whoever ate till he was satisfied