Beckoning while in prayer

Blowing and spitting while in prayer

Clapping during prayer

Going forwards or backwards during prayer

Greeting during prayer

Hand beckoning while in prayer

Hands on hips while praying

If an animal runs away during prayer

Leveling place of Sajda during prayer

Mother calling son while he is offering prayer

Not reciting At-Tahiyyat after two prostrations

Offering five Rakat instead of four

Permitted actions during prayer

Praying person requested to step forward etc.

Prostrations after a mistake

Prostrations after forgetfulness

Raising hands while in prayer

Returning greeting while in prayer

Sahu in compulsory prayers and Nawafils

Saying 'Subhan-Allah' and 'Al-Hamdulillah'

Spreading clothes on prostration site during prayer

Takbir in prostrations of Sahu forgetfulness

Taking help of the hand while praying

The 'Sahu' forgetfulness

Thinking of something while praying

What speech is prohibited during prayer