'Obey Allah and obey the Apostle ..'

'There will be twelve Muslim rulers...'

A governor can sentence to death

A judge giving judgment according to his knowledge

A letter from the ruler to his representatives

Appointing 'Urafa to take care of affairs

Appointing a caliph to succeed another

Appointing freed slaves as judges and officials

Bedouins giving the pledge of allegiance

Being contentious of enemies

Being given the right of one's brother by mistake

Being keen to have the authority to rule

Canceling a pledge given

Cases involving wealth

Causing people trouble and difficulties

Clerks should be honest and wise

Establishing peace among people by the Imam

Gifts taken by the employees

Giving and passing the judgment of Lian in mosque

Giving judgments and legal opinions on the road

Giving legal judgment according to his knowledge

Judgment in cases regarding wells

Not to seek authority to rule

Passing judgment against an absent person

Passing unjust judgment

Praising the Sultan in his presence

Ruler asking employees for an account

Seeking to be a ruler

Selling of people's estates by the ruler

Sending one man only to manage affairs

Sending two governors to one place

Sentence in mosque, punishment outside

Slandering by ignorant people

Taking the oath of allegiance for worldly benefits

Taking the oath of allegiance to the Imam

The advice of the Imam to the litigants

The chief ruler of the Muslims

The courtiers and advisors of the Imam

The expulsion of quarrelsome people

The Imam forbidding criminals to visit him

The person who judges according to Allah's laws

The pledge given by women

The pledge of a child

The ruler not ruling in an honest manner

The ruler's acceptance of an invitation

The salaries of rulers

The translators of a ruler

The witness of a judge

There was no gatekeeper for the Prophet

To bear witness to a letter

To listen to and obey one's ruler

Violating a pledge of allegiance

Whoever took the oath of allegiance twice