'A little lump of flesh partly formed'

Bleeding from the womb between periods

Combing the hair after the bath

Fondling a menstruating wife

Getting menses after Tawaf al-ifada

Getting menses thrice a month

Hajj and the menstruating woman

I'tikaf of a woman bleeding between periods

Ihram for Hajj for the menstruating woman

Instructions for women


ld festivals and menstruating women

Leaning on menstruating wife while reciting Qur'an

Menstruating women should not fast

No prayers to be performed by menstruating woman in lieu of missed prayers during her periods


Offering funeral prayer for woman who died after or during childbirth

Perfuming after bathing at end of menses

Praying in clothes worn for menses

Sleeping with a menstruating woman

Source of bleeding between menses

The bath after the menses

The bath after the menses and using a perfumed cloth

The start and end of the menstrual flow

Touching of clothes with the menstruating wife while one is in prayer

Undoing the hair when taking the bath

Using the word 'Nifas' for menses

Washing husband's head and combing his hair

Washing out the menstrual blood

Yellowish discharge