Permission To Enter

'Enter not houses other than your own'

'Get up for your chief!'

'Labbaik wa Sa'daik'

'Peace be on you '

'spread out and make room'

A letter of a suspected enemy

Adultery of parts other than private parts

Al-Hijab Veiling of women

An invitation itself is permission to enter

As-Salam is one of the Names of Allah

Asking 'Who is that? '

Asking permission thrice only

Asking permission to enter because of sight


Circumcision at an old age

Closing the doors at night

Deeds diverting one from duties towards Allah

Disclosing secrets after death of person concerned

Embracing each other

Fires and lamps in a house at bedtime

Greeting a gathering of Muslims and pagans

Greeting everybody

Greeting the boys

Greetings between men and women

Having a midday nap at people's house

Holding secret counsel for a long while

How the Salam greeting began


Keeping secrets

Lying flat on the back

Midday nap after the Friday prayer

Midday nap in the mosque

Putting a pillow for someone

Returning greetings of Dhimmis

Secret talk by two out of more than three persons

Sending greetings

Shaking hands

Shaking hands with both hands

Sitting in any convenient posture

Taking permission of a gathering to get up

Talking secretly and excluding a person present

The bed

The reclining sitting posture

The riding person should greet the walking person

The small number of persons should greet large

The walking person should greet the sitting one

The younger person should greet the older one

To avoid greeting a person who has committed a sin

To avoid making another get up from his seat

To propagate As-Salam among the people

Walking quickly for some necessity

Writing a letter to the people of the Scripture