Tahajjud Prayer

Invoking Allah during last hours of night

Leaving the night prayer by a patient

Long prostrations in Tahajjud prayer

Lying down after offering Fair Sunna prayer

Nawafil prayed as two Rakat followed by two, etc.

Not lying down and talking after the two Rakat Sunna of the Fajr prayer

Not offering Duha prayer

Not praying after compulsory prayer

Offering Duha forenoon prayer on journey

Offering Duha prayer when not traveling

Offering Nawafil after compulsory prayer

Offering prayer at night in loud voice

Offering two Rakat before Zuhr prayer

Omitting the night prayer after having been used to offering it

Optional prayer before compulsory Maghrib prayer

Prayer of Prophet in Ramadan

Praying Nawafil prayers at home

Praying Nawafil prayers in congregation

Praying two Rakat Sunna before the Fajr prayer

Prolonging standing posture in Tahajjud prayer

Recitation in two Rakat Sunna of Fajr Prayer

Regularity of offering two Rakat Sunna of Fajr prayer

Satan 's tying of knots

Sleeping and not offering prayer

Sleeping during last hours of night

Sleeping first part of night, getting up last part

Standing for the prayer at night

Superiority of remaining with ablution

Taking Suhur meal and offering morning prayer before sleeping

Talking after offering two Rakat Sunna for Fajr

The Mosque of Bait-ul-Maqdis Jerusalem

The Mosque of Quba

The Prayer of the Prophet

The Prophet's exhorting the people to Tahajjud

The superiority of offering prayers in Masjid-al-Haram Mecca. and Masjid-ul-Nabawi Medina

The superiority of Tahajjud prayer

The superiority of the place between the pulpit and the grave of the Prophet

Visiting Quba Mosque every Saturday

Waking up for night prayer

Walking or riding to Quba Mosque