A Junub staying home only with ablution

A Muslim does not become impure

Bathing and not washing parts again which have been washed in ablution

Bathing with a Sa of water

Cleansing the mouth and nose while bathing

Going out of person while he is Junub

Husband and wife bathing together

If male and female organs come in close contact

Interval during bath or ablution

Janub performing only ablution before sleeping

Performing ablution before taking a bath

Pouring water thrice on the head

Pouring water with right hand over left hand

Putting hands in container before bathing

Remembering in the mosque that one is Junub

Removing water from body with hands after bathing

Repeating sexual intercourse without bathing

Rubbing the hair thoroughly

Rubbing with earth to clean thoroughly

Scenting with perfume

Screening while taking a bath

Sleeping of a Junub person

Starting from the right side of one's head

Taking a bath in seclusion

The effect of scent remaining after bathing

Washing away a woman's discharge

Washing away emotional urethral discharge

Washing the body parts once only

Women having a wet dream nocturnal discharge.