'...but the people are being put to the test...'

'...but the time following it will be worse...'

'After me you will see things which...'

'Be afraid of an affliction...

'Do not revert to disbelief...'

'Give in charity because a time will come...'

'Never will succeed such a nation...'

'The afflictions will appear from the East.'

'The destruction of my followers...'

'The Hour will not be established until...'

'There will be afflictions during which...'

'This son of mine is a chief...'

'Whoever takes up arms against us...'

'Woe to the Arabs! Great evil is approaching them

Ad-Dajjal will not be able to enter Medina

Afflictions that will move like the waves of the sea

Changing one's words

Gogh and Magog

If a Muslim stays among the bad people

If Allah sends punishment upon a nation

If there is no righteous group of Muslims

If two Muslims fight each other

Increasing the number of oppressors

Information about Ad-Dajjal

Seeking refuge with Allah from afflictions

The appearance of afflictions

The coming of the Fire

Time will change till idols will be worshipped

To stay in the desert with the bedouins