'0 you who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain'

'Allah has purchased of the believers, their lives'

'And among His signs are the variations

'And horses, mules and asses He has created

'Get ready against them all you can'

'I have been made victorious'

'Of the believers are men who have been true'

'Say: Can you expect for us any fate other than'

'Think not of those who are killed'

'Those believers who sit still'

A minor theft

A Muslim teaching the people of the Scriptures

A pagan burning a Muslim

A slow horse

A woman sitting behind her brother on a horse

Acquisition of the Land of Those who Surrender from the People of Dhimma

Allah may support the religion with an evil wicked person

An infidel killing a Muslim

Arranging companions at the time of defeat

Asking Allah to bestow guidance upon the pagans

Asking Allah to defeat and shake the pagans

Asking permission of the Imam to participate in the holy battle

Awarding Bonuses from the Tax of One Fifth ( Khumus)

Beating somebody else's animal

Being quick and making the horse gallop

Being struck and killed by an arrow

Booty from War in General

Bravery and cowardice in the battle

Breaking weapons and slaughtering animals of a dead person

Burial in One Grave by Necessity and Abu Bakr's, may Allah be Pleased with Him, Carrying Out the Promise of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah Bless Him and Grant Him Peace, After the Death of the Messenger, may Allah Bless Him and Grant Him Peace

Burning houses and date-palms

Can the reconnoiter be sent alone

Carrying the journey food on one's shoulder

Carrying the luggage of one's companions

Concealing the true destination of a Ghazwa

Conveyance of good tidings of victories

Delay of the fighting

Describing what has been seen in the war

Dispersing people away from the Imam at midday

Distributing the war booty after a Ghazwa

Dying on the way to Jihad

Embalming the dead during a battle

Enemy ready to accept the Judgment of the Muslim

Fighting for the protection of the Dhimmis

Fighting of the Byzantine

Fighting so that Islam may be superior

Fighting with people with shoes made of hair

Fighting with the Jews

Fighting with the Turks

Freeing a captive

Fulfilling Safe Conduct

Giving in the Way of Allah

Giving one's horse to be used for Allah's Cause

Going on a sea voyage

Guarding Muslims from infidels

Hanging bells on camels' necks

Hanging one's sword on a tree at midday

Hastening in travel

Holding somebody else's riding animal

Horse races

Horses and Racing Them and Expending in Military Expeditions

How to Wash the Martyr

Inability to sit firmly on horses

Infidel warrior entering Islamic territory

Interceding for the Dhimmis

Jihad is carried on whether the ruler is good or bad

Keeping a horse for the purpose of Jihad

Killing a sleeping pagan

Killing children in war

Killing non-Muslim warriors secretly

Killing women in war

Leading somebody else's horse during a battle

Leave for man enlisted in army

Listening to and obeying the Imam

Listing of people by the Imam

Man searching the hair of a Dhimmi woman

Man selecting one of his wives to accompany him

Martyrs in the Way of Allah

Men and women participating in Jihad

Naming a horse and donkey

No migration from Mecca after the Conquest

Observing fast for Allah's pleasure

Pagans taking property of Muslim as war booty

Paradise is under the blades of swords

Patience during fighting

People getting frightened at night

People of the Scriptures who embrace Islam

Performing prayer on returning from a journey

Person through whom another embraces Islam

Playing with spears and other arms

Possessions of converts in a non-Muslim country

Practicing good deeds before taking part in Jihad

Preferring Jihad to fasting

Preparing horses for races

Presenting oneself to captivity

Probability of killing children unintentionally

Proceeding in the forenoon

Prohibition against Killing Women and Children on Military Expeditions

Prohibition against Traveling with the Qur'an in Enemy Territory

Providing oneself with food

Providing the war prisoners with clothes

Punishing with Allah's punishment

Quarrels and mutual differences in the war

Raising the voice when saying Takbir

Reception of returning warriors

Recitation of poetic verses in the war

Reciting Subhan Allah when going down a valley

Reciting Takbir in the war

Removing an arrow from the body

Removing the dust which fell on one's head

Returning to the Owner What has been Captured by the Enemy Before the Division of the Spoils

Reward of a traveler

Reward of being held back from Jihad by a legal cause

Reward of those injured in Allah's Cause

Riding an unmanageable animal

Riding an unsaddled horse

Rousing and exhorting people to fight

Saying Allahu Akbar on ascending a high place

Saying so-and-so is a martyr

Saying, 'Take it, I am the son of'

Seeking refuge with Allah from cowardice

Seeking the help of the poor and pious people

Service during holy battles

Setting off for a holy battle with a servant boy

Setting out after midday

Setting out in the last part of the month

Shouting 'O Sabahah!'

Slaughtering camels and sheep of booty


Spending in Allah's Cause

Sprucing oneself up before receiving delegates

Staying in the enemy town for three days

Stealing from the Spoils

Stealing from the war booty before distribution

Stimulation of Desire for Jihad

Straps for suspending swords

Stripping the Slain of their Personal Effects in the Booty

Supporting with reinforcements

Taking a bath after fighting

Taking a pledge of allegiance not to flee during a battle

Taking meals on arrival

Taking over the leadership of the army

Taking parent's permission for Jihad

Telling lies in the war

The armor of the Prophet

The decoration of swords

The digging of the trench

The distance of the race

The evil omen of a horse

The flag of the Prophet

The goodness of horses

The grades of the Muslim fighters

The houris and their qualities

The Imam ordering the people to do only what they are able

The Imam ruler should be defended by the Muslims

The Imam setting out before the people

The invitation of the Jews and Christians to Islam

The invitation of the Prophet to the people to embrace Islam

The Jihad of women

The knife

The leather shield

The obligation of general call to arms

The one who prepares a warrior for Jihad

The one whose feet get covered with dust in Allah's Cause

The participation of women in a sea battle

The ransom of infidels

The saddle and the stirrup of an animal

The seven martyrs other than those killed in Jihad

The shade of angels on the martyr

The share of the horse from the booty

The share of the laborer from the war booty

The Share of the Spoils Allotted to Cavalry on Military Expeditions

The she-camel of the Prophet

The shield and shielding oneself with another's

The spy

The superiority of the reconnoiter

The superiority of the wounded in Allah's cause

The white mule of the Prophet

The wish for martyrdom

The wish of the martyred to return to the world

Things in which Martyrdom Lies

Things on Which Tax of One Fifth Not Obligatory

Traveling a lone

Traveling in Ramadan

Traveling to a hostile country with Qur'ans

Treatment of a wound with ashes of a mat

Two men sitting together on a donkey

Two men sitting together over a riding animal

Two persons traveling together

Vigilance during holy battles

Wages given to somebody to fight on someone's behalf

War is deceit

War prisoners in chains

Wearing a cloak on journeys and in the war

Wearing a helmet

Wearing silk in war

What is Disliked to be Done with Something Given in the Way of Allah

What is Permissible for Muslims to Eat Before the Spoils are Divided

What to say on returning from Jihad

Women conveying the wounded and the killed

Women conveying waterskins to the people

Women treating the wounded

Women's fighting along with men