Ablution after eating mutton and Sawiq

Ablution after putting on Khuffs

Ablution after sleeping, dozing, nodding & slumber

Ablution with water which has been used

Ablutions virtues


After eating Sawiq

Carrying an Anza spear-headed stick along with the water

Cleaning of the nose

Cleaning the private parts with an odd number of stones

Cleaning the private parts with dung

Cleaning the private parts with stones

Cleaning the private parts with the right hand

Cleansing the mouth and nose

Daughter washing blood from father's face

Defecating in the houses

Defecating while sitting over two bricks

Do not hold the private parts with the right hand while urinating

Drinking the remaining water after ablution

Going to the water closet

Impure things falling in foodstuffs and water

Looking for water when prayer is due

Never face the Qibla while urinating or defecating

One should not repeat ablution if in doubt

Part of Islamic Law


Passing urine while sitting or standing

Passing wet hands over head only once

Passing wet hands over shoes covering ankles

Passing wet hands over the whole head during ablution

Performing ablution after deep sleep

Performing ablution from an earthenware pot

Performing ablution on having no Hadath

Performing ablution with Nabldh water in which grapes or dates have been soaked

Performing ablution with one Mudd of water

Pouring water for someone performing ablution

Pouring water over urine in the mosque

Prayer is not accepted without purification

Protecting clothing from Urine

Providing water at lavatories

Putting a dead body or polluted thing on the back of someone praying

Reciting Qur'an or other prayers after Hadath

Rinsing mouth after drinking milk

Rinsing the mouth

Sin for being soiled by urine

Sleeping with ablution

Somebody else carrying water for purification

Spilling water over urine

Spitting or blowing nose in one's garment

Spots not completely removed

Sprinkling remaining water on an unconscious person

Starting from the right side of the body

The completion or perfection of ablution

The Siwak toothbrush made of roots of Arak tree.

The superiority of ablution

To perform a light ablution

To perform ablution from water containers

To recite 'In the Name of Allah' during every action

To wash the face with both hands

Urinating in stagnant water

Urinating in the mosque

Urinating near dumps

Urinating while screened next to a companion

Urine of animals

Urine of children

Using the remaining water after ablution

Washing a utensil seven times out of which a dog ate or drank

Washing both feet

Washing out blood

Washing out semen with water

Washing out urine

Washing the feet up to the ankles

Washing the feet when one is wearing shoes

Washing the heels

Washing the parts once only when taking ablution

Washing the parts thrice when taking ablution

Washing the parts twice when taking ablution

Washing the private parts after answering the call

When ablution is necessary and not

Women answering the call of nature