Rain, Invoking Allah for

'And instead of thanking Allah for the provision He gives you'

'Around us and not on us'

'I was granted victory with As-Saba'

Asking for rain ;n Friday Khutba, not facing Qibla

Earthquakes and other signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment

Except Allah, nobody knows when it will rain

Facing Qibla while offering Istisqa prayer

Going out to offer Istisqa Prayer

If pagans request Muslims to pray for rain

If the wind blows

Imam raising both hands while asking for rain

Imam should not refuse request of people to pray for rain

Invocation for punishment of pagans

Invocation for stopping of rain

Istisqa in the main mosque of the town

Istisqa on the pulpit

Not turning cloak inside out during invocation for rain on Friday

Offering Istisqa prayer at Musalla

Praying for rain while standing

Reciting aloud offering prayer of Istisqa

Standing in the rain

The Istisqa prayer consists of two Rakat

Thinking it sufficient to ask for rain in Jumua

Turning back on people while offering prayer for rain

What should be said if it rains