' have been made to inherit because of the good deeds

'Al-Haya' is a part of faith

'And if two groups of faithful believers fight with each other

'But if they repent ..'

'I know Allah better ..'

'The outcome of deeds depends upon the intentions'

'Your invocation is your faith'

A good Muslim

A Muslim harming Muslims

A person who embraces Islam sincerely

Al-Jihad Holy War is a part of faith

Belief, Islam, Ihsan perfection and the Hour

Faith increases and decreases

Grades in superiority will be according to their good deeds

Hating Kufr Disbelief.

Lesser or greater injustice

Love for the Ansars

Nawafil prayers during the nights of Ramadan

Not ascribing partners to Allah

Religion is very easy

Religion is, to be sincere and true to Allah

Sins are from ignorance, and a sinner is not a disbeliever

Sweetness of faith

The best deeds in the sight of Allah

The deeds of faith; 'It is not righteous

The fear of a faithful believer

The offering of prayers

The sign of the hypocrite

The sign of true faith

To accept Islam by compulsion

To accompany the funeral procession

To establish prayers on the night of Qadr

To feed others is a part of Islam

To flee run away from afflictions

To greet is a part of Islam

To leave all suspicious things for the sake of religion

To Love the Apostle Muhammad is a part of faith

To observe fast, during the month of Ramadan

To pay Al-Khumus

To pay Zakat i.e. obligatory charity.

To wish for one's brother what one would like for oneself

Women's ungratefulness to their husbands