Wedlock, Nikah

'And give the women their Mahr as a gift'

'And the children who have not yet attained the age'

'Beat them lightly.'

'Have a look at either of my wives'

'I will go round to all my wives tonight

'If the guardian himself is the suitor

'If the wife fears cruelty or desertion'

'If they are in poverty'

'If you divorce the women and they fulfill

'If you fear that you shall not be able to deal'

'Marry me to so-and-so'

'Men are protectors and maintainers of women'

'No suckling is to be carried on after'

'Prohibited to you for marriage are'

'Protect yourself and your family from a fire'

'The women should not display their beauty'

'Whoever is able to marry, should marry'

'Your step-daughtersare also prohibited'

A free lady as the wife of a slave

A man should not stay in seclusion with a woman

A man's attempt to prevent arousing daughter's jealousy

A meal of trotters

A private meeting between a man and a woman

A woman presenting herself for marriage

A woman presenting herself to a righteous man

A woman should not allow anyone to enter her house

A woman should not fast except with husband's consent

Accepting an invitation to any party

Admonishing one's daughter

Awakening the desire for marriage

Bad omen of a lady

Beating the tambourine during the Nikah

Being polite and kind to the women

Borrowing clothes for the bride

Canceling an engagement

Claiming that one has more and better things than one really has

Conditions not lawful in the marriage contract

Conditions stipulated in the marriage contract

Consummating marriage before going on campaign

Consummating marriage during the day

Consummating marriage on a journey

Consummating marriage with a girl of nine years

Describing a woman to her husband

Deserting her husband's bed

Effeminate men are forbidden to enter upon women

Emigration with intent to marry

Equality in wealth

Exchanging daughters or sisters without Mahr

Give a wedding banquet even with one sheep

Giving a banquet with less than one sheep

Giving a bigger banquet for one wife than for others

Giving a wedding banquet

Giving Mahr in the form of material things

Giving one's young children in marriage

Husband and wife should have the same religion

Invocation for the women who prepare the bride

Invoking good upon a person who got married

It is obligatory to accept invitation to a banquet

It is prohibited to have two sisters as wives

Looking at female foster suckling relations

Loving some wives more than others

Marriage without the lady's consent is invalid

Marrying a matron after having had a virgin

Marrying a virgin after having had a matron

Marrying and manumitting one's own slave girl

Marrying one's daughter to a ruler

Marrying several women

Men will decrease and women will increase

Nikah-al Mut'a

Not getting married

Not to enter one's house at night from a journey

Not to marry a man married to one's paternal aunt

Not to marry more than four wives at a time

Ordering the wife to do something sinful

Perfume for the bridegroom

Permission for women to go to the mosque

Presenting one's daughter or sister to a man

Refusing an invitation

Regarding the manumission of a slave girl as her Mahr

Seeking to beget children

Sexual relations with all wives in one day

Something disapproving in a party

Taking one bath only after having had sexual intercourse with all the wives

Taking the permission of all the wives

The advice of a father to his daughter

The attendance of women and children at a party

The bride herself serving the guests

The coitus interruptus

The consent of the lady

The curtains, bedding, etc, designed for women

The decision of the Prophet

The exhortation of taking care of women

The Ghira

The jealousy of women and their anger

The lady already engaged

The looking of women at other people

The marriage of a Muhrim

The marriage of a young lady to an elderly man

The marrying of a poor man who is a Muslim

The milk belongs to the husband

The Naqi' served at a wedding party

The ruler is regarded as a guardian

The speech at the time of marriage

The type of woman one should seek for marriage

The wedding banquet is obligatory

The wife giving up her turn to another wife

The wife has a right over the husband

The witness of a wet nurse

The woman is a guardian in her husband's house

The woman whose husband is absent

To be unthankful to the husband

To draw lots among wives

To look at a woman before marrying her

To marry a man for what he knows of the Qur'an

To marry matrons

To marry virgins

Treating one's family in a polite and kind manner

What a man should say on having sexual intercourse

Whoever cannot afford to marry should fast

Women going out for their needs

Women in the Hell Fire