'Adorn yourself when going to the mosque'

'It is not for the pagans to visit or maintain the mosques of Allah ...'

'Take you people, the station of Abraham as a place of prayer

'The earth has been made a place for praying'

A pagan entering the mosque

A small door and a path in the mosque

About mosques in houses

About the thigh

Al-Hadath in the mosque

Behaviour in Recitation

Behaviour in the Sitting in the Prayer

Being guided by lamps

Burying expectoration in the mosque

Catching a debtor in the mosque

Clasping one's hands in or outside the mosque

Cleaning the mosque

Clothes touching wife while praying

Completing What is Recalled when Uncertain How Much has been Prayed

Construction of the mosque

Covering the private parts

Crossing the corners of single garment

Digging the graves of pagans and using the site for a mosque

Dislikeness of being naked while praying

Distribution in the mosque

Employing the carpenter and the technician

Entering the mosque

Expiation for spitting in a mosque

Facing the Qibla from anywhere

Facing the Qibla in prayer

Garments bearing a cross or picture

Giving judicial verdicts in the mosque

How prayer was prescribed

If a mosque is built on a road

If the garment is tight

Issuing statements in the mosque

Looking at marks on a garment while praying

Looking in the Prayer at What Distracts You trom It

Lying on the back in the mosque

Mosques on the way to Medina

Not Reciting behind the Imam when He Recites Aloud

Offering prayers in a shirt, trousers, etc

Offering prayers with a single garment

Passing through a mosque is permissible

Pitching a tent in the mosque for patients

Prayer clothes for women

Praying at places where the earth had sunken

Praying in a church or temple

Praying in a mosque situated in a market

Praying in a red garment

Praying in a sheepfold

Praying in a silk Farruj garment open at back.

Praying in a Syrian cloak made by infidels.

Praying in camel-yards

Praying in entering mosque

Praying in someone else's house

Praying on a bed

Praying on a Hasir mat of date-palm leaves.

Praying on a Khumra

Praying on roofs, pulpit and wood

Praying when returning from a journey

Praying while not facing the Qibla

Praying with a furnace or fire in front

Praying with Khuffs leather socks.

Praying with shoes

Praying without a Rida cover for the upper part.

Preaching of the Imam

Prostrating on a garment in scorching heat

Raising voices in the mosque

Receiving an invitation to dinner in the mosque

Recitation in the Subh Prayer

Reciting poetry in the mosque

Reciting to Oneself behind the Imam when He does not Recite Aloud

Sales and purchases on the pulpit

Saying 'Amin' behind the Imam

Scraping off sputum from the mosque

Scraping the nasal secretion off the mosque

Sleeping of a man in the mosque

Sleeping of a woman in the mosque

Spitting in a garment while praying

Spitting on the left side while praying

Spitting while praying

Superiority of whoever builds a mosque

Taking a bath on embracing Islam

Taking a camel inside a mosque

Taking graves of Prophets as mosques

Tashahhud in the Prayer

The Adhan During a Journey and Without Wudu

The Call to Prayer

The circles and sitting in the mosque

The dislikeness of praying in grave-yards

The doors and locks of the Ka'ba and mosque

The Duration of the Meal before Dawn (Sahur) in Relation to the Adhan

The Opening of the Prayer

The presence of spearmen in the mosque

The Qibla for people in Medina

The Recitation of Qur'an in the Maghrib and Isha Prayers

The Umm al-Qur'an

To say: Masjid of Bani so-and-so

To tie the Izar garment worn below waist.

What to Do if One Raises One's Head Before the Imam

What to Do if One Stands Atter the Completion of the Prayer or After Two RakCas

What to Do if through Forgetfulness One Says the Taslim after Two Rakas

While passing through a mosque