Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith - 3.203

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Narrated Anas

The Prophet paid a visit to Um-Sulaim and she placed before him dates and ghee. The Prophet said, "Replace the ghee and dates in their respective containers for I am fasting." Then he stood somewhere in her house and offered an optional prayer and then he invoked good on Um-Sulaim and her family. Then Um-Sulaim said, "O Allah's Apostle! I have a special request (today)." He said, "What is it?" She replied, "(Please invoke for) your servant Anas." So Allah's Apostle did not leave anything good in the world or the Hereafter which he did not invoke (Allah to bestow) on me and said, "O Allah! Give him (i.e. Anas) property and children and bless him." Thus I am one of the richest among the Ansar and my daughter Umaina told me that when Al-Hajjaj came to Basra, more than 120 of my offspring had been buried.

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