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Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - The Caliphate of Uthman

Reaction to the election of Uthman

The reaction to the election of Uthman as the Caliph was on the whole favorable. After the stem rule of Umar, (he people welcomed the mild rule of Uthman.

In his book History of the Caliphs, Suyuti observes that Ibn Sa'ad and Al Hakim record on the authority of Ibn Mas'ud that he said:

"When Uthman was sworn allegiance, we placed the best among us in authority, and we were not remiss". It is recorded that addressing Abdul Rahman b Auf, Mughira b Sha'aba said, "Abdul Rahman, by offering allegiance to Uthman you have taken the correct decision. We would not have agreed to any other decision".

Farzuq, the poet composed the following verses to mark the occasion:

"Suhaib led the prayers for three days,

And then handed over the custody of the Muslim community to Uthman b Affan;

It's the caliphate which Abu Bakr had entrusted to Umar;

And which has now been passed on to Uthman. Verily, all of them were rightly guided persons, Who were very dear to the Prophet of Islam".

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