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Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Hadrath Uthman the Man

His humility

Uthman was the richest person among the Quraish. He had considerable wealth and owned a large number of slaves, but in spite of that he was most humble, and did not make any show of his wealth or power. lt is reported that one day he was seen coming out of his land estate carrying a bundle of logs of wood. He was asked that as he had so many slaves, why he had not asked any of his slaves to carry that burden for him. He said that he did so because he wanted to make a trial of himself. He would keep awake during a greater part of the night, and he would never ask any of his slaves or servants to help him in the performance of the ablutions or in any other way. When asked why he did not avail of the services of his servants and slaves he said that the night was meant for them to take rest, and he did not want to disturb them in their rest.

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