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Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Consequences of the Martyrdom of Uthman

Object of the revolt against Uthman

The revolt against Uthman was prompted ostensibly because of the growing influence of the Umayyads. Surprisingly enough the revolt did not merely fail to achieve its object; it led to the result which was the very antithesis the purpose for which the revolt was undertaken. Within five years of the death of Uthman, power was captured by the Umayyads. and they established a monarchical order which lasted for well nigh a century. The assassination of Uthman instead of ousting the Umayyads from power paved the way for the consolidation of their power. The Umayyads established the monarchical order in order to avoid the conflict and bloodshed which were likely to engulf the Muslim community on the occasion of every new succession. The assassination of Uthman thus proved to be the assassination of the institution of the caliphate and that was a great disservice to the Muslim community.

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