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Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Facing the Challange of the Seditionists

Uthman's open letter to his people

In view of the reassuring reports from Kufa, Basra and Syria, Uthman addressed an open letter to his subjects. He observed that he had deputed special emissaries to investigate into the rumors against the administration. These emissaries had made investigations on the spot, and their report was that on the whole the people were satisfied with the administration, and they had no particular grievance. Uthman added that his mission in Egypt had not been successful and his emissary had chosen to stay in Egypt and not to return to Madina. He was watching further develop meets in Egypt. He observed that he had never coveted the office of the Caliph, but when he had been made the Caliph he had to discharge the onerous duties of the office. He observed that as the Caliph he had taken pains to administer the State affairs in the best interests of the people according to the injunctions of Islam. He observed that while it was his duty to be just and fair, it devolved on the people to cooperate with him and not to be led astray by false propaganda. He wanted the people who had any grievance against the administration to assemble at Makkah on the occasion of the Hajj. He assured them that all their legitimate grievances would be redressed. He directed the Governors and the "Amils" of various cities to come to Makkah on the occasion of the Hajj.

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