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Khalifa Uthman bin Affan - Governors of Uthman

Family of Muhammad b Abu Hudhaifa

Muhammad bin Abu Hudhaifa belonged to the Umayyad section of the Quraish. His father's original name was Utba bin Rabea'ah. Utba's daughter was Hind who was the wife of Abu Subian and the mother of Muawiyah. Muhammad was thus the maternal uncle of Muawiyah. Utba was one of the early converts to Islam. It is to be noted that while Abu Sufian led the Quraish in all wars against the Muslims till the Muslim conquest of Mecca, Abu Sufian's father-in-law accepted Islam at an early stage. One of the daughters of Abu Sufiyan was also converted to Islam at an early stage, and she was later married to the Holy Prophet. Abu Hudhaifa migrated with his wife Suhaila to Abyssinia In Abyssinia Uthman and Abu Hudhaifa worked in close unison. Muhammad the son of Abu Hudhaifa was born in Abyssinia. On return from Abyssinia Abu Hudhaifa migrated to Madina. In the battle of Badr, Abu Hudhaifa fought against his father who was an infidel Later he fought in all the battles under the command of the Holy Prophet. He participated in the apostasy wars during the caliphate of Abu Bakr. Abu Hudhaifa was martyred in the battle of Yamamma. Muhammad was then, a boy, fourteen or fifteen years old.

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