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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Assessment of Ali by Western Scholars

Major Price

In his book, Memoirs of the Principal Events of Muhammadan History, Major Price observes as follows: "His virtues and extraordinary qualities have been the subject of voluminous panegyrics, and his war-line exploits from his youth upwards have been particularly celebrated in the 'Khawer Nama', a poem well known in the east and which may, perhaps contend in extravagance with the wildest effusions of European romance. With his acknowledged talents and magnanimity, it is, however difficult to account for the train of civil mischief and perpetual discontent which continued to disturb him through the whole of his reign. His gallant spirit was probably incapable of bonding to the ordinary shifts of political craft, and it is perhaps true that the Arabian chiefs were not yet sufficiently disciplined to see the sovereign authority quietly monopolized by any particular family".

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