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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Ali's concept of God

Counsels of All with reference to God

Some of the counsels of Ali with reference to God are: Fear God, and you will have no cause to fear anyone else. Fear of God checks the soul from committing sins, and restrains one from transgression. Shedding tears for the fear of God enlightens the heart and fortifies it against the repetition of sins. Fear of God purifies the heart. Resignation to God's will is the cure of the diseases of the heart. Resignation to the will of God makes the greatest affliction easy. Glorify God even for little blessings. If you are grateful to God for His blessings, He will increase them. The Word of God is the medicine of the heart. A believer is thankful to God in prosperity, and patient in adversity. To repose one's trust in God is the believer's castle.

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