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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Revolt of Khurrit Bin Rashid

Khurrit b Rashid

Kurrit b Rashid was the chief of the Banu Najia tribe. He belonged to Bahrain. In the Battle of Camel at Basra he was an ally of Ali. He and his men fought on the side of Ali against the Syrians. He developed differences with Ali on the occasion of the Battle of Nahrawan. According to some accounts he sympathized with the Kharijites, and got alienated from Ali because of the massacre of the Kharijites at the Battle of Nahrawan. One day after the Battle of Nahrawan he appeared before Ali, and accused him of breach of trust by first agreeing to abide by the verdict of the umpires, and thereafter going back on this undertaking and refusing to be bound by the decision of the umpires. Ali told him that he had not committed any breach of trust. The decision of the umpire was a farce and had not been taken according to the injunctions of Islam as provided for in the agreement executed at Siffin. Ali told him that if he wanted to be enlightened in the matter, he could advance arguments in support of the righteousness of the course adopted by him in repudiating the decision of the umpires. Khurrit said that he would come to Ali the next day to hear his arguments.

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