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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Battle Between the truth and falsehood

The Muslim Community

In spite of the fact that at the feast held by the Holy Prophet in the honor of the men belonging to the house of Banu Hashim. No one had responded to his call, some members of the family were attracted to the new faith. These included Jafar, his wife Asma, and Hamza Jafar was a brother of Ali, and Hamza was an uncle of the Holy Prophet and Ali. It appears that Ali played an important part in the conversion of Jafar and his wife who were particularly attached to Ali. When the Holy Prophet gave the call at Mt. Safa, and invited the people to the new faith, they had refused to listen to him. In spite of that, some persons were attracted by the new faith, and they offered allegiance to the Holy Prophet regardless of what the other people said. By 615 C.E. in spite of untoward circumstances and unfavorable conditions about one hundred persons, men and women had joined the fold of Islam and the Muslim community had come to acquire particular identity of their own.

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