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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Banu Ramla

Campaigns against Banu Ramla

The Banu Ramla tribe created a law and order problem for Madina and in 631 C. E the Holy Prophet decided to take punitive action against the tribe. The Holy Prophet sent an expedition against the tribe under the command of Abu Bakr. The Muslim army penetrated deep into the mountains without meeting any resistance. One night as the Muslim soldiers lay asleep in their camp, the Banu Ramla people made a surprise attack on the Muslim camp and killed many Muslims. The Muslim army had to withdraw in a state of confusion. Thereafter the Holy Prophet sent another expedition under the command of Umar. This expedition fared no better, and the Muslim army had to retreat after suffering losses. A third expedition under 'Amr b Al Aas also failed in achieving its object.

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