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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Expedition To Tabuk

Return from Tabuk

On return from Tabuk, the Holy Prophet was glad to see that during his absence Ali had maintained law and order satisfactorily and the hypocrites were in a chastened mood. The hypocrites had constructed a mosque, and they asked the Holy Prophet to perform the opening ceremony of the mosque. The Holy Prophet consulted Ali, who was of the view that a separate mosque for any section of the Muslims should not be patronized. Later, the Holy Prophet had a revelation advising the Holy Prophet against the patronage of the mosque. The Holy Prophet ordered the demolition of the mosque. Ali supervised the demolition of the mosque. Soon after, Abdullah b Ubayy, the leader of the hypocrites died. Thereafter his followers repented, and joined the fold of Islam as true Muslims. Ali played an important part in suppressing the activities of the hypocrites.

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