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Khalifa Ali bin Abu Talib - Operations Against Banu Sa'ad

Some points about the operations

In the various accounts that have came down to us, there is some confusion about this operation. In some accounts Banu Sa'ad and Banu Bakr are stated to be Jews. This does not appear to be correct. They were Arab tribes who were pagans. In some accounts it is said that Fidak was conquered as a result of these operations. This is not correct. Fidak was conquered a year later after the conquest of Khyber. In the Atab annals this operation is referred to as Sariya Fidak. The term Sarya is used to denote the operations in which the Holy Prophet did not participate in person. Such operations which were led by the Holy Prophet himself were known as Ghazwas. The Sarya-i-Fidak neutralized the Arab tribes of Banu Sa'ad and Banu Bakr and paved the way to the Hudaibiya pact of the Muslims with the Quraish of Makkah.

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