escaped from death by the guidance of Allahu Subha-nata-alla

On the fifth day of Ramadan in the year 1996 I was on a van from the capital city of my country, Ghana to visit my family in another city about 350 miles away.I picked a comfortable seat in the bus so that I could have a nap in view of the distance.I barely sat down when another passenger came in and shoved me aside. He claimed with a threat in his voice that the seat had been reserved for him.
I patiently left the seat for him We soon commenced the journey. When we left outskirts of the city our driver started to increase his speed to the discomfort of many of us on the vehicle.
Half way along the road to next city of Kumasi some of us cautioned the driver to slow down to no avail.
Suddenly the vehicle burst one of the front tires; the driver lost control and plunged into a trench.
Three passengers in the vehicle including the man who took the seat from me died on the spot.I had a dislocated knee. This incident tells me that when the ordained time is not up' Allah guides his slave in diverse ways to escape calamity. Since then I have learned a big lesson of being patient in public facilities.

Posted By : amadu adam

Subhanallah brother!  Amazing story!  Most definitely you were somehow saved because Allah (swt) had not decreed it to be your time yet.
9 years 4 months ago Abu Muslimah


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