Fell off a cliff and lived

Today I met someone who told me the story of how he lost two of his figers. Back in his home country of Jamaica he got into a car accident with another driver and both cars skid off the side of a cliff. He flew out of his car but fell into a tree which saved him from a hard landing. The other driver crashed and died. And there this man was, almost 30 years later, alive to tell me his story....just because it wasn't his time yet. Subhanallah.

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Asa brother,

SubhaanAllah indeed.

the greatest gift Allah gives us through life and such incidents is the opportunity to repent...whilst we still have the opportunity for once yor gone so is the oportunity.This man was given such an opportunity..i hope he understands and makes full use of it.

May we all take the opportunity whilst we can .....InshaAllah.

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