Salaah @ The Pentagon

As Salaamu 'Alaikum: Al humdu lil laa I have been praying regularly for nearly 40yrs & have prayed almost every where you can think of. When the movie which is now called the "Message" first came out (then it was in the Movies & was called "Muhammad the Messenger of God"). I remember requesting the Manager to let me & about 15 bros & sister pray in the closed balcony while the movie was playing cause it was so so long. Before I stopped going to clubs & things when I was young & hanging out all night, I still wouldn't miss my salaat. I'd find a lone corner somewhere & make my Fajr Salaat (sometimes sitting down) fearing the place my not be clean. However I guess one of my most strangest places may have been @ the Pentagon shortly after 911. I do construction & I got a job working @ The Pentagon less than 1 month after 911. I not only worked there, I was the foreman. I not only was making Salaat, but I also wear a turban even when i work & my construction hard hat goes on top of my turban. Some of the military personal use to look at me strangely, & my co workers would sometimes seem to watch me, but being the foreman made it easy cause I could go & come as I pleased almost where I needed. However on other jobs it was not always so easy. Uncle Samir Director New Muslim Institute of the Americas

Posted By : Abu Ibrahim

Interesting story! Must have been awkward praying there.
9 years 9 months ago Syed Husain