Re: the hadith

It’s discussed here [ ] to some extent. In a course on the topic of Salah I recently took, there was some discussion on this. Some fuqaha, namely the Hanbalis, allow it. Other fuqaha explain the incident as a “superficial” combination in that the Prophet (s) merely delayed dhuhr until near the end of its time and prayer asr right at the start of its time. So each salah was indeed prayed in its correct, albeit unpreferred (in the case of dhuhr), time. The shaykh giving the discussion in the aforementioned course agreed with the former understanding, as long as the individual did not do it habitually, and gave examples such as a surgeon performing a very long surgery, a student taking a long exam, and a mother who is out running errands with her children and there is no place to pray.

Posted By : Abdur Rahim