What about this hadith?

Masha Allah, Allah (swt) has always given me a place to make Salah. Most of the companies where I worked, there was always a masjid in walking distance, and if I could not make it I would always find an empty conference room. One place I worked, they even had a multi-purpose prayer room which only the brothers (and a few sisters) used. The only difficulty I had was when I did my masters in Rutgers. Sometimes I would have classes during Maghrib time and I could not always find an empty and unlocked class room to pray in. So I would pray in the stairs. It was cold and dusty and sometimes people would give strange looks or make comments when they passed by. But Masha Allah, that was very rare. But recently I came across a hadith which said that the Prophet (saw) one day combined Dhuhr and Asr and combine Magrib and Isha in Madinah without rain or fear. And when asked why he (saw) did, he (saw) replied by saying it was to relieve the burden from his Ummah. Some scholars say based on this hadith that we also can combine the prayers like this in times of difficulty. Anyone thoughts on this?

Posted By : Jehan Jaleel