Wall Street

I work in the financial industry in NY and in the past had to visit different companies which were clients of the company that I worked for. Salah would be tricky especially in the winter months where the days are short and dhuhr, asr, and maghrib are very close together. If the building had a quiet room it would be easy - just pray there and no one will bother you. Sometimes the receptionist could help you find an empty office but not always. Unlocked storage rooms were also periodic solutions. If all else failed I would ended up praying in the stairwell. The problem is that usually the doors that led to the stairs would lock behind you. So I'd usually jam a wad of paper towel I'd grab from the bathroom into the door to keep it open so that I could make my salah then come back in. One time, a security guard actually walked in on me. He saw me, then without saying anything, walked back out of the door and waited for me. After I finished my salah, I walked in and the security guard, which was a normal looking young caucasian guy who I assume was non-Muslim, told me something about a sensor going off when the door is open and that I couldn't keep it open like that. I apologized for the inconvenience. He said no problem and then added "by the way, east is that way" :-)

Posted By : Abdallah