Disney World

Ok I'll start this off: Disney World - Magic Kingdom. It's mid-afternoon, the park is packed with people, and we need to pray. We could always leave the park and pray in the parking lot near our car but it takes around half an hour just to get out and take the shuttle back to the lot. Add another half our to get back and that'd be an hour spent just for one prayer. We kept our eyes open the whole time for some corner somewhere that wasn't very crowded. It was tough to find anything - there were people everywhere. Eventually we found a pathway near the entrance of Mickey's Toontown that split off from the main path and lead to a walled off area with an employees only door. It wasn't exactly private, and there were cleaning people coming and going from the door on the side of where we stood, but it was away enough from the crowd for us to make our salawat without too much distraction. Alhumdulillah!

Posted By : Syed Husain