Bloggers, writers, and any other content creators: How do you currently add ayaat to your content? Highlighting the text on a website and then copy and pasting, or worse, transcribing from a physical text? We've inshallah simplified your efforts. now has a button on the homepage on the "Goto Quran" tab that copies the arabic and english translation of whatever ayah you have selected which you can subsequently paste into any document you are working on. Choose from plain text or html.

Alhamdulilah, we're very pleased to announce that we've added Tafsir Ibn Kathir in english to You can enter any ayah on the homepage and click on the "Tafsir" button to see the tafsir for that ayah. The arabic and english translation of the ayaat are displayed above each section of the tafsir and the navigation works fairly smoothly. We're excited because we feel this is the best presentation on the web for this particular tafsir thus far. Please let us know if you find any bugs and spread the word!

Author:  delowarhossain


I recently read a long healthy discussion on the topic of Infallibility of Prophet (saw) on the website This is a humble effort to clarify. Let us overcome our emotion, be objective, factual and deductive  inshaALLAH. We all love the prophet and that is must; it is an academic discussion only.


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I’m excited to announce we’ve added recitation to the calligraphy pages on This is great news for those users who prefer reading the Quran from the calligraphy pages which are replicas of pages from a generic mushaf that most people will find familiar. Listen to your favorite recitation while the ayah being recited is highlighted on screen for your convenience. Visit and navigate to Quran -> Calligraphy and check it out. Don’t forget to let others know – the best Quran recitation site on the web just got better!

-The team

Now you can create your own discussion groups on! We’ve added functionality to allow any user to create groups for bringing together like minded people on any particular subject. Groups have their own discussion forums for group members to post on. Alim Groups comes with a fairly rich feature set. Group creators have the ability to make other group members managers of the group to help in group administration, which includes moderating the discussions on the group forum.

We’ve recently added a Frequently Asked Questions section to Now you can see a list of questions that are most commonly asked by users of the site in one convenient place along with their answers. It also contains helpful tips about making your usage of the site more productive as well as some insight into the vision behind the project.

Please pay a visit and check it out. Post a comment while you are there and remember to spread the word!

We’ve recently add another new noteworthy functionality over at that we’d like to tell you about. It’s called Tagging.

Great News: now has recitation for the Quran! We’ve added 13 popular recitations in both Murattal and Mujawwad styles! Now you can hear the recitation of ayaat from some of while studying them and interacting with the community by reading and responding to other people’s comments about them. Recitation on comes equipped with functionality that provides you with a lot of control over how and what is recited. You can set the reciter to play an entire surah or just a set of ayaat and also specify a number of times to repeat any unit of recitation.

We’ve just added a new, exciting feature. It’s called My Notebook and it’s essentially a virtual, online note repository. It allows you to easily clip any content you are viewing on the site, add your own notes to it and save it for your use again later. While viewing the page for any Islamic text on the site, you will notice two new buttons towards the top right called “Clip Page” and “Clip Selected Text”. Let’s say you are researching a certain topic and want to save every related ayah and hadith you come across.