We’ve recently add another new noteworthy functionality over at Alim.org that we’d like to tell you about. It’s called Tagging.

The way it works is that any content page on the site can be “tagged” by clicking on the “Add Tag” button. A tag is any word or group of words which best describes the subject of the page it belongs to. So for example, let’s say you want to search for ayaat pertaining to the subject of tawhid (i.e. Islamic monotheism). Searching for the word tawhid itself won’t yield many results. What you really need is a way to find ayaat whose subject is tawhid but the word tawhid doesn’t necessarily appear in them. Tagging solves this problem. If you were to be reading, for example, Surah Ash-Shura ayah 11 it might come to your mind that the subject of the ayah includes the topic of tawhid. So you can now tag that page with the word “tawhid”. Thereafter, whenever someone searches for the word “tawhid”, Surah Ash-Shura ayah 11 would appear in the search results!

Tagging can be performed on any content page, including hadith, biographies, history, etc. Furthermore, users can tag the same content page as many times as they want with different tags. If everyone actively uses this functionality, we would eventually have a user driven index of all the Quran, hadith, and any other content on alim.org. This would become an extremely useful tool for Muslims or anyone researching a topic pertaining to Islam. The potential is immense!

So please participate on the site – make comments and add tags where appropriate. And as always, please spread the word about alim.org! Remember, the more people participate, the more everyone benefits. - The Alim.org Team