We’ve just added a new, exciting feature. It’s called My Notebook and it’s essentially a virtual, online note repository. It allows you to easily clip any content you are viewing on the site, add your own notes to it and save it for your use again later. While viewing the page for any Islamic text on the site, you will notice two new buttons towards the top right called “Clip Page” and “Clip Selected Text”. Let’s say you are researching a certain topic and want to save every related ayah and hadith you come across. Instead of cutting and pasting into a separate document on your computer, now you can just click the “Clip Page” button which copies the content you are viewing and saves it to your own personal notebook which is stored within Alim.org. If, instead of all the content, there is just a portion of the text on the screen you want to save, all you need to do is highlight the text you’re interested in and click the “Clip Selected Text” button. Along with any clippings there is space to add your own notes for review later. Furthermore, My Notebook allows you to create your own categories for your clippings+notes and gives you full control in filing them accordingly. So you can create your own table of contents for useful material you find on the site and your notes. My Notebook is a great tool to help make your usage of Alim.org more productive. You can easily save the fruits of your research and reading in your notebook to serve as a reminder for you again later and to prevent you from having to search on the same topic twice. We hope you find it useful. As always, please spread the word to your friends and family about us! -The Alim.org Team